New Shoes

Way back last spring the Sweatshop ran a promotion where if you bought one pair of shoes you could get another at the same price for £25. I bought a pair of Asics and took away a voucher which has been stuck on the office noticeboard ever since. I checked recently and saw that it expired on December 21st so this afternoon abandonned computer and phones and took a trip over to Teddington, where I picked up a really nice pair of Saucony shoes with a ticket price of £115 for £25. They are white and electric green, which is a bit lary but quite cool also. Technically they are a very lightweight shoe, but I am assured this does not rule them out for lots of distance road running miles.The construction puts more cushining midsole and the heel raise is lower, which makes them ideal for me as I tend to strike mid foot.

Tonight was again bitterly cold but its the Thursday club meet so 7.15 saw me clambering into the people carrier which struggled into life and took me down to Ham and the Hawker centre where the Stragglers meet. Being close to Christmas and not inviting weather there were fewer than usual but around four groups set out. I joined a 5mile 8.30 pace group which numbered seven runners. We took a route through Ham to Teddington Lock and over the footbridge, then up through Teddington High Street and through Bushy Park to Hampton Court on the road which is a mile gate to gate. Then back on Hampton Court Road to Kingston Bridge. Over the course of the run the temperature perceptibly rose and a fine drizzle bagan to fall. Kingston Bridge looked quite magical with a gentle mist turned blue by Christmas floodlights.

A mile back to Ham made for a good run, long enough and at sufficient pace to make me feel I’d done something. The new shoes were great. and I am sure they are going to be good for the 500 odd miles to the finish line at Brighton.

Had a shower and a beer in the Hawker Centre afterwards. Not a great place for a drink these days since the redesign, but good company and interesting chat and banter. Back home for sausage and hash browns (saved by the family for me, bless them) and a glass of red. Checked race entries for the Richmond 13.1 and we have put on half a dozen today so now up to 68. Overall, not a bad day!


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