Tuesday Training

The Stragglers have two training groups in action on a Tuesday night. The first is aimed at Athletes in training and alternates each month between intervals and hill sessions. The meet is at 7.30pm on Ham Green just opposite the Hand and Flower. Its always a hard session, but a great way to improve times on shorter distances or to fill in the fast session on a marathon programme. The second meet is of a different character, with usually one or two groups leaving the cricket club at Giggs Green for a steady run of around 5 miles. I’m not yet ready for the intervals and hills so opted for something easier with the Giggs Green crew.

As it happened, being just before Christmas numbers were at the lower end. Fortunately there was not the option for a quick group this week so I ran with a medium pace crew and had a thoroughly enjoyable jaunt up to Hampton Court and into Bushy Park briefly before the return half of the loop. My Garmin gave a total distance of 4.42 miles and an average pace of 9.37, although we were mostly running closer to 8.30 -just had a number of stops to bring the group together. The leader was Jim Sell, one of the oldest active runners in the club and now a V70 and going strong. OK so I can’t say it was a hard session but its miles on the clock, time on your feet and there will plenty of opportunity to push on in the months leading up to Brighton in April.

Earlier today I cycled down to Hampton Wick to do a bit of promotion work for the Richmond 13.1. I dropped off leaflets at Sigma Sports, the serious enthusiasts bike shop frequented by road riders and triathletes. Then across the road to Lanson Running, which is really the only running shop in Kingston (although just over the bridge from the town centre.) A friendly reception in both establishments. It’s great to go to dedicated sports shops where the staff are really keen to promote running, cycling and general fitness.

Another good day for 13.1 entries with a further 12 runners signing up taking us to 110 to date. 150 by Christmas?


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