Pub Crawl

The Stragglers have an in joke that they are a drinking club with a running problem. While its fair to say that normally drinking and running are not mixed (the exception being the “Beating Bushy Bounds” event which involved a circuit of Bushy Park with seven miles running and seven pubs visited!) it is true that a number of us like a drink after the club runs.

During the summer our club HQ, the Hawker centre in Ham, decided to change the internal layout of the building, a consequence of which is that there is no bar area, although drinks can be purchased from a servery and brought in to tables in a cafeteria area. This has been the subject of much angst, with many members breaking ranks and going on to pubs after the training sessions. This years annual Christmas pub crawl was therefore particularly welcome as a chance for the keen pub goers to get together for a night of conviviality in Twickenham.

I was looking forward to it and planned to finish work early to arrive at seven at the Prince Albert. Unfortunately a electrical fault blew the office power and I spent a frustrating afternoon trying to get hold of an electrician and access computers. Problem sorted but I was now late, so I decided to cycle the four miles or so to the pub. On the way there I started to feel slightly ill, but figured after a couple of drinks I’d be OK. Unfortunately not. By the time we arrived at the Old Goat I knew I had some sort of bug and had to bid adieu to an increasingly jolly party. Just about made the cycle home and was in bed before 9.30.

Judging by the look of Nigel this morning, a 24 hour flu bug was let off against the hangover I might have had!


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