Christmas Eve

Fortunately, being a Monday, Christmas Eve coincided with a rest day on my programme, so I didn’t have any running planned. Just as well because plenty of last minute preps for Christmas Day (Admit it, Christmas day really needs to be brilliant for all the effort that goes into it!)

In the evening the whole family (thats me, wife Stella and children Alex, Victoria and Olivia) all drove down to Ham and walked over the footbridge at Teddington Lock to the Parish Church of St Mary with St Alban for the five oclock crib service. We are not regular churchgoers but have been attending this service for 25 years since the birth of our first child Alex, and all three children were christened here. Its a very pretty church with a lot of history and worth taking a look regardless of faith.

Suitably uplifted, we then took a short walk to the nearby Anglers pub which sits on the river alongside the bridge. A large pub and very popular, with a big garden which fills up in the summmer. Next door is the smaller but also very worthwhile Tide End, a regular Thursday haunt for dissident Stragglers.

A couple of pints of London pride and then a bus to Teddington where our friends the Pages were hosting a Christmas Even drinks party. Very well attended, Interesting to see though how the dynamic changes. The “kids” are now all young adults,. The parents and all definitely into “middle age”. Stella and I left about 9pm and walked over Kingston Bridge and through the shopping centre past Bentalls to the bus stop, where we picked up an 85 which whisked us up Kingston Hill to home. Kingston was pretty quiet. A few lary youths having some sort of altercation at the bus stop but that was it.

Fell asleep on the sofa watching “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”. Read the books but not seen the movies. So all in all a good run up to Christmas and excellent rest day.




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