Boxing Day

A little slow to start after a very pleasant Christmas afternoon eating and drinking with the family. Today I was heading over to Twickenham for the club annual boxing day race – the Cabbage Patch 4. Registration was at the famous Cabbage Patch Pub near Twickenham station. Setting out later than planned I had a fairly brisk 4 mile cycle ride before arriving a10.50 for an 11 oclock start. I was not alone in setting out late and there was a queue for race numbers. Eventually everyone was registered and we jogged down to the river front at Twickenham just beside the Church. The good news was it was not raining and quite mild.

A field of around 85 runners took off and we were soon following the swollen waters of the Thames downstream towards Richmond Bridge. I got into a stride and overtook a few people and had a few come past me. Then the race settled and i don’t think there were any changes to my position in the second half, although I was running really hard over the last mile, convinced I would be caught and outsprinted on the run up to the finish. The course came up short on my watch at around 3.8 miles.

Afterwards I had a pleasant warm down run with Dave Olsen, probably .75 miles, so about 4.5 miles in total. We went back to the Cabbage Patch and had a pint and a chat. One of the traditions of the race is that everyone brings a wrapped present of approximately £3 value, which goes into a tub. I donated a large bar of Toblerone and came out with Ferrera Rochez, so a pretty fair swap. Then the four miles cycle back for lunch. Getting in some reasonable miles towards the first weeks marathon training tally. Entries continue to move steadily for the Richmond 13.1 with another 6 today making 161 to date. How many by March 31st?

No results available for the race, but my Garmin stats were 3.83 miles in 31.40. Average pace 8.15, with last 0.83 miles run at 7.53 pace.


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