New Resolutions

As its New Years Eve I couldn’t really let it pass without throwing i  some resolutions for the new year. Usual problem is to be realistic. It’s easy to end up with a list as long as your arm and see most forgotten within the first week.But here is a list of achievables which I am aiming for in 2013, all of which are based around running, although they may well have other life benefits as well.

  1. Lose weight. I will do a weigh in tomorrow and set a target weight to come down to. The bathroom scales (which I think are pretty accurate) showed me on 12 stone last week, which is 168 pounds or approximately 76kg. I am 5’11” tall (180cm), which doesn’t make me a porker, but I would run a fair bit quicker at 11st 7lb (73kg) and an ideal racing weight would be 11stone (70kg). So resolution number one is to hit 73kg by end January and aim to crack on towards the 70kg by March.
  2. Enter more races. At the moment I have the Brighton Half in February and Brighton Marathon in April and that’s it. Need to get in one or two more before the Marathon, including one long one, probably the Spitfire (20m) or Cranleigh 21m). Something to do tomorrow afternoon perhaps? And maybe a 10k in January?
  3. Keep to the schedule. Very easy to let “pressure of work”, “feeling slightly off colour” etc get in the way of training, especially with the dark nights and atrocious winter weather. It’s important to stick at it. Not necessarily every session on the plan – in real life you need to be versatile – but generally doing the right number and type of runs and miles over the week.

That’s it for me. I could add giving up alcohol, becoming a better person, writing my novel, moving to a smaller less time-consuming house, as personal objectives and then start in on business plans for 2013, but thats when it all starts to get silly. I think I’ll just stick to the measurable goals listed above and if I can follow those through, everything else will flow from there.

Good luck to all with their resolutions and let me wish you a happy New Year.


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  1. John said:

    Good luck with your goals in 2013.

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