Plan C

Plan A may have worked if it had not been for my daughter Victoria and friends being at home when we got the cab back from the Edward’s New Years Eve party. If  I had gone to bed then I would have undoubtedly had a hangover in the morning, but would at least have managed a few more hours sleep. As it was we sat around drinking and playing articulate until 4am and I didn’t open my eyes until 8.45, too late to set out for the Bushy parkrun at nine.

I had recognised Plan A. which involved doing Bushy at nine, Kingston parkrun at ten and then the Stragglers round Richmond park at 12.00, might prove a tad ambitious. So I had backup plans for New Years Day in place.

Had I got up at 8.45 and made a cup of tea, then Plan B would have come into play, which would start with the Kingston parkrun and then move on to Richmond Park. Instead I closed my eyes for a few more minutes doze, and when I woke again it was now too late for Kingston as well!

Fortunately plan C was still in place. I decided I had time to run over to Teddington and pick up the Jag where I had left it the night before and get back to Richmond Park in time for 12.00. Head still fuzzy from New Years Eve, it took me longer than anticipated to get out of the house. Also, I misjudged the distance to the car. Its 2.5 miles to Teddington Lock and if the car had been there I could have done it in 25 minutes. But the Edwards live in Stanley Road, adding another 1.2 miles to the distance. As a result it was mid day by the time I reached the car and 12.15 when I got to the meeting point at the Kingston gate car park, and the Stragglers group were long gone.

Still it was a nice day and I did the lap of the park anyway, albeit at a pretty slow pace. The weather and New Years resolutions had brought the public out in force and the path was rammed with walkers, dogs, small children on scooters, cyclists and of course other runners. I finished the lap, drove home for a shower and scrambled eggs, then cycled down to the Wych Elm where the Stragglers were meeting for a New Years Day drink. I sat at the bar with Alan Pemberton and Jim Sell and enjoyed a very convivial chat over a few pints of London Pride. In fact it turned into a very useful session, as we discussed reviving the well known Harry Hawkes 8 as a ten mile race later in 2013, but more of that another time.

And Plan D? Thankfully this was not required. It involved not doing the run and going directly to the Wych Elm. But the Beer would have not tasted so good, nor would my conscience have been clear if I had gone to the pub without running 11 miles beforehand!

Total distance covered = 11.2 miles, 3.7 recovering the car and 7.5 round the park. Average of around 10 miute miling.

Entries to the Richmond 13.1 are gaining momentum (New Years Resolutions?) with 22 so far today and 69 since Saturday bringing the total to 250. With over 12 weeks to go should easily top 1000!


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