New Year

The first week of 2013 has been a bit of a blur and hence no recent posts, but I’m hoping to resume normal service now that the initial flurry has passed. I’ve managed to fit in four runs out of five on the marathon schedule and covered 30 plus miles so am on track distance wise. Thursday was a tempo run of about 6.5 miles with the Stragglers at an average of 9mm pace. Saturday was the Bushy parkrun at 8mm and today 10 miles in Bushy, Home park and along the river between Kingston and Hampton Court.

The park run was another big event for Bushy with 1051 finishers, which is fantastic although it does bog down a bit at the start. I came 407th in a time of 25.11, still slow but better than recent efforts, so should hopefully soon get back into the 24 minute band.

Other than running its been very busy kicking back into work projects. The Care Agenda forum takes place on February 6th and although its going well has lots of admin to sort out over the coming month. Teams are signing up for the Property football which starts in early April and the Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon takes place on March 31st. We have also taken on a new race for the summer period.

The Harry Hawkes 8 miles is a very well established local event which has previously been organised by the Thames Ditton Cricket Club. Due to organisational problems it did not run in the last two years, but will be reintroduced as a Perseverance Events race in 2013, with a new format. the race distance will change from 8 to 10 miles and it will become the Harry Hawkes 10. Ten mile races were extremely popular until the rise of the half marathon saw many fall away, and now there are very few options to race this distance. Yet 10 miles is a classic race distance and great to run. I ran the Cabbage Patch 10 last October and really enjoyed it. So we are confident of putting together a large field for the Harry Hawkes 10 in 2013. A date will be announced soon.

My key New Years resolution was to lose weight and I have been watching my calorie intake with more fruit and less chocolate! Too early to say as yet but I am confident I can shift half a stone and get down the 11 stone seven by the end of January.

The Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon takes place on March 31st. We currently have 410 runners entered and anticipate a field of 1200 plus.See for details.

The Harry Hawkes 10 will take place this Summer with details and date available soon.

parkruns take place throughout the UK and are developing worldwide. The Bushy parkrun this Saturday had 1051 finishers and was my 177th parkrun. The winner Richard Kowenicki achieved a time of 15.48. The last person home recorded 59.30.



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