Tuesday Training

Tuesday started with a meet with Hamish White, the environmental Officer at Elmbridge Council. A small section of the Hampton Court Half route runs through woodland and I needed to be able to reassure him and two local Elmbridge councillors that the race would not cause disruption to local residents.The continuing bad weather came in hard and I arrived at the car park in torrential rain. Driving up the Portsmouth Road the Thames was in full spate, almost overtopping the banks along the Queens promenade in Kingston.The meeting in the car park took place under umbrellas.

Fortunately all agreed that the route was sound, but that is more than can be said for the ground, which was distinctly muddy.While passable, we will hope that the exceptional recent rainfall is followed by a dry spell to let the water table recede to normal seasonal levels.

Back to training in the evening, with The Stragglers Thames Ditton Group, which meets every Thursday at the Thames Ditton Cricket Club. Always a friendly bunch, we had a good turnout with twenty or so runners including a couple of newcomers. We split into two groups and I did a gentle but very pleasant four miles with the slower group. Still feeling stiff from Sundays run!

Should really get out tonight according to the schedule, but lots on so will see how it goes. May well depend on the weather. If its raining again, forget it!




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