Just two weeks to Christmas and loads to do. Have got the tree and lights up but still cards and emails to send and presents to buy. And this year no Amazon as the bastards don’t pay no taxes!

Two work projects with KBC Special Events in full swing (Care Agenda and The Property Cup football) plus new start up company with Richard Xerres, Perseverance Events, and our first event the Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon on March 31st.

By the time the Richmond 13.1 comes around I should be in the latter stages of my race prep for the Brighton Marathon on April 14. In fact if I was not so busy with the organization I’d probably run it. Quite nice to do a Half two weeks out and then settle into the taper.

Marathon training is always an adventure with a planned beginning, goal setting, action and review and at the end the big race itself. Interestingly, you never really know if you will make the line to start, let alone finish, there are just so many things that might go wrong…. I’ve done thirteen marathons now over the last 12 years, but I never take them for granted. All I can say about Brighton 2013 is that I’ve entered the race and will start a 16 week programme on December 23rd. If all works out I will run 24 miles in the first week and around 550 miles in total by the time I cross the finish line in Brighton on April 14 2013, sometime around 1pm.

Good news is that after a month of injury, my right calf seems to be getting back to normal and the 4.5 miles I ran tonight (bitterly cold with frost coating the pavements around Kingston and Coombe Hill) went well.  I’ll keep you posted!